dear lauren berlant

I read the The Female Complaint. What a hoot! I am now compelled to “live a better cliche”, and have learned that “falling in love isn’t a very good way of getting to know someone”. I am amused and enthralled by your sharp readings of Showboat (people can never goof enough on Edna Ferber, in my opinion), your indulgence of Imitation of Life, your ability to mock Dorothy Parker, and your ability to use archival material without making a tribute to its object. I am also compelled to watch She-Devil.

But even more than your awesome Duke monograph (which at least has the removing paratexts of the form), I am intimidated by your hilarious and engaged blog. Your review of Sex and the City,


One response to “dear lauren berlant

  1. hey Sophia,
    We’ve never actually met, but I’m a friend of Sinan, Evren, and Oya’s. Thank you so much for pointing the way to Lauren Berlant’s blog, I never would’ve known!

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